Happy Homes

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         Emails and Photos from our new puppy owners

“Puppies, a reflection of God’s unconditional love, entrusted to us like precious seeds. We water them with praise, patience and love, and watch them grow into full bloom.” — Leila Grandemange

Vince and Joy pup

A typical welcome at Grandville Cavaliers!

There’s nothing that brings me more joy than to know one of our pups has enriched the lives of its owners. I’ve included some of their photos/emails below (click on the photo). I’ve also included a heart-warming Letter of Recommendation written by the owner’s of a handsome black and tan by the name of Grandville Lord Barnaby. Enjoy!


Happy Homes Videos

“Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend.” – Corey Ford 

More “Happy Home” emails and photos coming soon…..