Hi Leila! Happy New Year to you and your family!!! We LOVED your holiday email. Every one of your pups is more beautiful than the next.

We just want to keep you updated on our Griffey. He is doing so well–recently had a checkup and is 17.5 lbs and VERY healthy with no problems. He truly is an incredible joy to our family. We cannot express enough how happy we are with Griffey. When we came to you requesting a new pup, we had recently lost our 7 yr old Cavalier, Toby. We were sure that we would NEVER find a pup that could come close to our Toby. Well, with all respect to Toby, Griffey has surpassed our expectations and brought incredible joy and happiness to our family. He is such a lover and loves to play!!! He is so well behaved and such a good listener. Very easy to train–even at almost 2 yrs. old.

He spends A LOT of time playing out in our fenced in yard, but when I give him a whistle he immediately responds and comes to the door. He loves to play with his toys. He will bring a toy outside to play, then come to the door a little while later to bring his toy back inside and get another toy and go back outside again!!! He is VERY GOOD about picking up his toys outside before he brings another out. (better than our kids ever were!!!) He loves cuddling with us on the couch at night while we watch tv. He especially lights up when our son, Ben, comes home from college. Ben was afraid that Griffey wouldn’t remember him–but WOW does Griffey go nuts when Ben walks in the door after weeks away at school!!!!

It warms my heart to see the bond our kids have with Griffey. So many great memories–we truly adore him!! Again, thank you soooooo much for our wonderful Griffey and all the best in the New Year.

Sandy (2010)