Hi Leila! Just thought I would send you a picture of our growing family! Kylie is 8 months old now. She is crawling everywhere, and just LOVES Dex. He is so gentle with her. We are teaching her to be gentle with him now. He is starting to get a little jealous, so every time I get on the floor with her he gets right in the middle of us. It’s so cute! It must be hard when he’s the one who usually gets all the attention. I had to work out a schedule where me and Dex could just have us time, so we like to go to a park where we can take a long walk and play just the two of us! That does us both some good. But he is being a wonderful brother! He has started teaching her a few things too. He loves to play tug a war so she learned to shake her head no by watching Dex shake his toys! She also likes to put her toys in her mouth and shake them like Dex! As long as she doesn’t start using the bathroom outside I guess we’ll be fine!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas! God Bless !

Chasity (Christmas 2011)