Dog Wisdom for the New Year

Who needs a little wisdom for the New year?

I’d sure love a little extra wisdom to start off the year on the right foot! So I was delighted to find this adorable image online (photo credit unknown), packed with dog wisdom and inspirational quotes courtesy of our beloved canine companions.

Best wishes for the New Year, to you and your beloved canine companions!

Joyfully yours, Leila Grandemange

photo credit unknown

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The Perfect Pet Health Record Book

Pet Health Record Book

Keeping Pet Health Records is so important, not just the first few months, but at each stage of your dog’s life. 

This innovative wellness book includes Pet Health Record Charts as well as well as Resources and Training Tips to help keep your dog healthy, happy, and safe. That’s what “wellness” is all about! It’s the perfect gift to add to your new puppy checklist!

Bring it with you to each vet visit. It will help you stay organized as you care for your dog at each stage of his life! —46 pages, 5.5 x 8.5  Continue reading