Grandville Cavalier Whole Colors

The Black and Tan and the Ruby colors of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed are  known as Whole Colors. The Ruby is described in the breed standard as having a whole-colored rich red coat. The Black and Tan is described in the breed standard as having “Jet black with rich tan markings over the eyes, on cheeks, inside ears, on chest, legs, and underside of tail”.  Scroll down to learn more, and to see our whole color photo gallery. Thanks for stopping by!

Whole colors have been my focus and passion from the start when I acquired my first Cavalier in 2002—a lovely ruby male who stole my heart. In 2004 he became my first AKC Champion! As an owner handler I’ll always treasure the memories we shared while training and traveling to shows. His enthusiasm for showing spurred me on and we continue to enjoy this family hobby at the side of our beloved Cavaliers.

Although I adore all four colors of the breed, I have a special affection for the black and tan and ruby colors and have worked hard over the years to build a quality breeding program.

For years whole colors seemed at a disadvantage in the show ring and it was said that their “quality” was lacking. I wanted to see this change, so I focused my efforts on whole colors. The Grandville Cavalier whole colors you see today are the product of years of planning, traveling to various countries to build relationships with top breeders, bringing in complimentary lines, and then weaving it all together over time. It’s definitely a time-consuming hobby, but we (myself and my supportive husband) are spurred on by the love we hold for our dogs and the desire to protect and better the breed. Our greatest delight is seeing our precious pups forever loved, comfy on a sofa, engaging in fun activities, and Champions of their owners hearts! 

Not only do our Cavaliers provide wonderful loving companionship to their owners, but they’ve also excelled in the conformation ring, agility, canine freestyle, pet therapy, and more. Grandville Cavalier whole colors have placed at Specialty shows, the CKCS USA National Specialty show, qualified for Best Puppy of the Year, obtained Junior Warrant as well as Champion titles in the USA and abroad, and placed at Westminster. In 2013 a Grandville Ruby was also the Top Winning Cavalier in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club USA. 

I’m grateful to the breeders who’ve gone before me and shared their lines, to my husband and family for their loving support, and to God who makes all things possible. 

Grandville Cavaliers Whole Color Photo Gallery

Enjoy photos of some of our Grandville Cavalier Whole Colors over the years. This breed is known for its beautiful head and endearing expression. One look into their eyes and you will surely melt!  A Cavalier should also be sound in mind and body displaying a graceful silhouette while standing and on the move. A dogs conformation (structure) is very important. It’s the vehicle that will carry them through life. While no dog is perfect, a responsible breeder strives for excellence in every litter in the hopes of producing dogs that are as close to the breed standard as possible. I hope you will enjoy a selection of photos of our home-bred Ruby and Black and Tan pups and adults that I consider to be a wonderful representation of the breed. Thanks for visiting! 

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