Dog Mom Reflections on HOPE FOR THE NEW YEAR!

I’m the proud dog mom to several adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They have many wonderful qualities, one of which is their soulful eyes and endearing expression. Lily, shown in the photo, is modeling her beautiful eyes for you! One look into her eyes and I feel hope—that sweet knowing inside that tomorrow will be … Continue reading Dog Mom Reflections on HOPE FOR THE NEW YEAR!

May Your Christmas be Furry and Bright!

Merry Christmas dear friends! On this blessed day when Christ was born, I’d like to share with you a touching poem, written by someone who clearly understood the comfort and joy dogs bring to us each day. Enjoy! May your Christmas be furry and bright! Love, Leila ❤️ Gift To Jesus— A Dog , by … Continue reading May Your Christmas be Furry and Bright!

Dog Mom Reflections on Unconditional (Self) Love

"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive." —Gilda Radner Life is tough, and for a variety of reasons, we may end up getting down on ourselves. In those times, I’m often grateful for the presence of my dogs. They sit … Continue reading Dog Mom Reflections on Unconditional (Self) Love

Dog Mom Reflections on Kindness

Look at that sweet face! My adorable poodle is giving me the “Pleeease give me some of your food” look . . . and of course, I will oblige. Dogs, with their loving expressions and gentle nature can make almost anyone’s heart melt. Even the hardest heart melts in their presence. What if we took … Continue reading Dog Mom Reflections on Kindness

The Perfect Pet Health Record Book and New Puppy Must Have!

The Perfect Pet Health Record Book and Guide to a Happy, Healthy Dog! Includes shot records for dogs and oodles of awesome dog care charts, plus essential new puppy owner tips!

Easter Pet Safety [Tips & Resources]

Growing up with dogs, I quickly learned that Easter, much like other Holidays, involved potential hazards for my pets.I recall as a young mom hiding the chocolate and plastic eggs for our yearly "Easter egg hunt," and then scouring the yard over and over to ensure that NO EGGS WERE LEFT BEHIND. Only once all … Continue reading Easter Pet Safety [Tips & Resources]

Excellent Dog Training Resource Videos

Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend. --Corey Ford Congratulations on your new puppy!Please take a moment to watch these excellent short dog training videos by Zac George's Dog Training Evolution. They'll help you get off to a great start on your puppy parenting journey. I also suggest signing up for a puppy kindergarten … Continue reading Excellent Dog Training Resource Videos

Compare the Top 10 Pet Insurance Providers

Compare the top 10 pet insurance providers

Do you need pet insurance? Yes, no, maybe, not sure? With so many pet insurance companies to choose from, I thought I'd share a wonderful site ( which compares the top ten pet insurance providers. Consumer Affairs writes, "Pet insurance helps pet owners pay the cost of medical expenses if the pet becomes ill or … Continue reading Compare the Top 10 Pet Insurance Providers


  BEWARE of Rawhide dog chews! They're possibly the most dangerous pet chew ever created! Read the following article by Rodney Habib, watch the video, and learn what it takes to make this toxic "raw" leather stick. Click here to read full article > Dogs Naturally Check out these 7 Healthy Alternatives to Rawhide  Always … Continue reading BEWARE OF RAWHIDES! 

Find Out Why Pet Obesity is a Big Deal

Today I'll be sharing an article on Pet Obesity from the Pet Health Network, written by Jason Carr, Pet Network Managing Editor. Some people might look at an overweight pet and say, “Oh, how cute.” While it’s true that any pet can be cute, pet obesity is not healthy and will ultimately lower a pet’s … Continue reading Find Out Why Pet Obesity is a Big Deal