Find Out Why Pet Obesity is a Big Deal

Greetings fellow dog enthusiasts! Today I’ll be sharing an article on Pet Obesity from the Pet Health Network, written by Jason Carr, Pet Network Managing Editor.

Some people might look at an overweight pet and say, “oh, how cute.” While it’s true that any pet can be cute, pet obesity is not healthy and will ultimately lower a pet’s life expectancy. Here are 5 reasons why pet obesity is a big concern. If you think your pet might be overweight, talk with your veterinarian.

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Five Reasons Why Pet Obesity is a Big Deal

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Things Humans Do That Stress Dogs

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Enjoy this excellent article by Karen Harrison on the 9 things humans do that may stress our dogs. The article is from  published on June 3, 2016. 

“When we love our dogs like family, we sometimes forget that they don’t understand us quite like our human relatives. Sometimes we try to have full-on conversations with them or unknowingly send them body language signals that are interpreted differently in the animal kingdom. For these reasons, we’ve compiled a list of 9 common things that humans do that stress dogs out . . . ”  



CPR Guidelines For Dogs 

Would you know what to do if your dog stopped breathing? Here is some important information I’d like to share with you from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Read their guidelines and watch this excellent video to help you learn. Also, it’s a good idea keep your regular and emergency vet number handy at all times, just in case! 

AVMA CPR Guidelines 


And below is an article I found on the topic which you might enjoy. 

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Do you know what to do if your pet stops breathing? By Kristina Lotz

“It’s something we never think about – until it happens. Suddenly your dog is not breathing. Do you have any idea what to do? If you are certified for CPR for humans you may think, can I do the same thing to me dog safely? Who do I call?” Read more

Emergency Recall Training for Dogs 

An Excellent Article from

By Shay-Marie
“Knowing how to get your dog to come when called is one of the most important things to figure out as a pet owner. Even if your dog isn’t capable of learning how to balance a treat on their nose or moonwalk, you absolutely want to make sure they are safe in every situation.” Click on this link to read more. . . Emergency Recall Training for Dogs

Enjoy and stay safe!



Grooming the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

What kind of grooming do Cavaliers require?

“The Cavalier does require regular grooming. A great deal of time and effort is not necessary if the dog is brushed and combed thoroughly at least once a week. Knots and tangles are kept to a minimum if the Cavalier is free of parasites and combed regularly. Ears need particular attention and should be checked and given a quick combing every few days, daily in shedding season.

Cavaliers do shed, particularly in spring and fall, but a little all the time. Their nails should be clipped and the hair between their pads trimmed once a month. No other trimming is necessary (or allowed) in the show ring.

Cavaliers are naturally clean dogs. Because too much bathing dries out the skin and hair coat, they should not be bathed more than once a week. All knots and tangles should be brushed out before a Cavalier is bathed. Many owners find that bathing their pets every two months is quite adequate.” (Text from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  Club USA,

Essential grooming items

You will need are good quality Comb, Slicker Brush, Pin brush, grooming spray, toothbrush and toothpaste appropriate for dogs, and nail clippers. A grooming table would also be wonderful if it’s in the budget! You can find these in pet stores, but usually the better quality grooming items are found online in stores that specialize ( see links below). I suggest the Chris Christianson Oval Pin Brush with 27 mm pins, the Chris Christianson Medium texture boar brush to finish the top coat, and the “mini” Warner Slicker for the ears and hocks, as well as a 6″ comb.

Here is a photo of some of the essential grooming items mentioned above. A full list of grooming items with explanation will be given to all new Grandville puppy owners. These are links where you can order quality grooming products online.,, ,

grooming items

Excellent article on grooming a Cavalier:

Step by Step Grooming a Cavalier


These beautiful bowls are shaped in a way that will help keep your Cavaliers ears clean and dry.

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