Pet Safe Cleaning Products

Today I’d like to share some useful links to help you keep your pets safe, healthy, and happy. Did you know that the products you are using to clean with may contain ingredients that are harmful to your pets?

Keeping our homes clean is part of maintaining a healthy environment for both our families and pets. Sadly, in our effort to keep everyone healthy, we could actually be exposing ourselves and our pets to harm. It is a well-known fact that many cleaning products contain toxic ingredients. Just look at all the warning labels. Of course none of us would leave these products near our dogs to ingest, but while cleaning our floors and spraying our lawns, there’s a good change our pets are still being exposed.  Our dogs walk around “barefoot” for one thing, and cleaning products touch their feet. Your dog may lick his paws and ingest the product. He is also closer to the ground than we are and more easily inhales the fumes. Lead author Deborah Knapp of Purdue University’s Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, told Discovery News,  “The routes of exposure that have been documented in experimental settings include ingestion, inhalation and transdermal exposures.”

The following links have useful information to guide you as you seek to offer the most natural and safe environments for your beloved dogs. There are many more links online to find pet safe products. These are just a few I’ve come across and enjoyed. If you have a favorite natural pet safe cleaning product or link please feel free to share with us in the comments. Thanks!

Blessings and best wishes to you and your beloved pets!

Leila Grandemange

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